Technical yet tactical.
Functioning between IT and Business. 
Able to build a supply chain model, show results, and implement the design.

Taking a break at Red Rock Canyon

Taking a break at Red Rock Canyon


Nick Prestel


I've worked in the Supply Chain Logistics industry for 10+ years and done a lot of things. Right now what captivates me most is business intelligence and streamlining daily operations using simpleeasy-to-use web apps.

I love data. I believe every data set has a story to tell and I enjoy mining through it to understand what each has to say.


I studied Computer Science at Michigan State University for three years and graduated with a degree in Applied Engineering Science.

I find programming to be a unique blend of non-negotiable absolutes and creative expression. With 0's and 1's there is no gray area but there can be multiple solutions for the same problem.

After trying a number of different languages, starting with C++, to Python, to JS, I came back to Ruby. It's just the best fit for me.


I have a love-hate relationship with running. I hate the actual act of running but I'm addicted to the natural "high" that comes after a run. As Dean Karnazes says, "no matter how bad it goes, I always feel better after a run than I did before."

After a few years of endurance running I've discovered a new-found love in adventure racing. The mix of disciplines and teamwork involved make it much more enjoyable. I also have an interest in mountaineering after a recent summit-bid on Mount Rainier.


The hardest, most important, and most rewarding job I've ever had.